Friday, November 2, 2018

November Update 2018

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Autumn greetings! We trust that the Lord has been good to you. So much has happened since our last update. Here are some of the recent events that took place…

First Baptismal Service…
Because many family members normally come home for a religious holiday (Bon Pjum Ben), the church families persistently request that a joined baptismal service be held at Srae Kandal on October 11. And since there was no pond or any body of water nearby, some church members dug up a trench, the night before by the main road.  Next, they put up sheets of large plastic taupe into the hole and then filled up the man-made “pond” with well water where the baptism took place. Many Khmer Evangelical church (Alliance) families from nine different villages came to join the joyful celebration! Because the “pond” was too small, Soeuth volunteered to be the one baptizing new believers while Pastor Dy and other church leaders prayed for them. During the entire service, many curious villagers came to watch. Because the “pond” was dug by one of the village main roads, every time a motorbike load off or a trailer full of passengers passes by, people would slow down or stop by long enough just to watch. Some villagers even stayed long enough to watch the entire service! This was the first baptismal service done since we began church ministries in Anlong Veng. Among new believers who attended, 33 people got baptized! The festive event was celebrated with delicious traditional rice noodles served with green curry lovingly and generously prepared by godly women from Srae Kandal village.

Soeuth sharing a message to new believers before baptism

33 new believers baptized at Srae Kandal recently
Soeuth baptized a new believer in a trench.
Worship time at a baptismal service at Srae Kandal village
People waiting for their turn to get baptized

Church families celebrated baptism with traditional Khmer meal.
VBS and a Surprise Visit…
Thanks to the encouraging ministries from Leeward Community church from Hawaii, vacation Bible school (VBS) was held at Sra Em, at Toul Krasang, and at Srae Nouy villages where a total of about 120 kids attended. The children enjoyed learning about the Armors of God…

About 80 kids attended VBS at Srae Em village.

Children enjoyed learning about the armors of God in a VBS class at Srae Nouy village
A little girl tried on big shoes at Srae Kandal village
VBS at Toul Krasang village
October 18: As we were about to finish the day with VBS ministry and a leadership seminar at Srae Nouy, some children accidentally discovered a cobra hidden behind an opened door of the church!  The snake had been quietly hidden inside the church throughout the entire time while we were worshipping inside the church for more than three hours! But God kept all of us from harm.

A live cobra was quietly hidden behind this blue door during the entire church service!

This man killed a cobra inside the Srae Nouy church.
Mart Klaa Floating Village…
On Sunday October 21, while visiting the church families at Mart Klaa floating village, we learned some discouraging news about the church families from the area. Due to jealousy and some internal conflicts from within church members, some families not only left the fellowship but spread bad rumors about church leaders. This resulted in hurts and distrust among remaining church families.  Please pray for Mr. Kean (and his wife) who are key leaders for this small remote congregation. 

A prayer service for Mr. Kean, a leader for Mart Kala floating house church.

Due to miscommunication, only a small amount of people attended the recent youth leaders’ workshop at Svey Sisophon. For those who attended, they were blessed by encouraging messages from a visiting team from Pine Knoll Alliance (PKA), from upstate New York. As young leaders, they can relate well to the messages on “Our identity in Christ” and how to follow those of good biblical examples and to avoid following those of bad examples.

The PKA also led other workshops on Bridge out of Poverty and Conflict Resolution at Srae Kandal and Srae Nouy villages.

Leadership seminar at Srae Nouy village
In the midst of hosting and translating for visitors, we enjoyed having Jonathan home for a week of fall break. By the grace of God, Jonathan, aged 16, is thriving well in grade 10th at Dalat International School. While at home, Jon enjoyed some of his favorite dishes of cooked meals. For those of you who take great interests in our children’s need, we appreciate and are grateful for your prayers for Jonathan, Justin, and our beautiful daughter-in-law Katie and for our expecting first grandchild (early March 2019).

Thank you always for your prayers and support. Your generous financial support to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) enables us to keep service God in this part of the world bringing the message of Christ’s love and hope to lost people in Cambodia. We are very grateful for your on-going partnership in the Cambodian ministries. Please share with us what God is doing in your life.

Soeuth & Syna Lao

In the midst of poverty there is beauty in the sky.

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