Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 2013 Update

Dear All,
Just want to send you a quick update before we take off to Field Forum.  On June 21-22, the KEC northwest region had their quarterly women retreat in Siem Reap Province where 132 ladies attended.  Syna spoke a message based on the book of Judges, chapter 4, challenging the women to Be Light and Be Strong in their communities, even as they are living in midst of male-dominant culture.  Many women who attended the conference came from many different walks of life: many of them are poor families struggled to raise their families as single parents; some have unbelieving, passive, unfaith, alcoholic, and or abusive spouses.   At the end of the conference, many ladies were determined to live a life as Strong Women just like their heroine, Deborah!
Every woman was moved when the story of Lena was shared.  So strong was their feeling for their hurting sisters, Lena (and woman with needs), that the love offering was immediately collected!  They collected $150.00!  This amount may not seem much to the people living in the West, but among the poor people in Cambodia, it is about two- month salary for an average income!   The money was split in halves to help the two ladies.
When we presented the money to Lena, she cried and wished she could be at the conference as well.  During the week we were in Siem Reap, Lena had some complications with the incision of her left eye.  We’d arranged to send her back to Emergency Hospital where the doctor looked at the wound and changed her prescription.
The women spent sometimes in prayers for their many hurting sisters, including Mrs. Moum who is still in jail.  Mrs. Moum continues faithfully to serve God through prison- children ministry outreach.  Twice a month, a volunteer team from local C&MA church in Svey Sisophon continues to minister to children of inmates, in the Sisophon Prison, through child evangelism, literacy and health lessons.  Mrs. Moum is the main contact person for this ministry.  Because of her good behaviors, Mrs. Moum is allowed special privilege to work in the arts & crafts room where she was able to crochet handbags and book covers, and her goods were sent to be sold among the church people such as at the women retreat at Siem Reap.  
Prayer requests:
- Please continue to pray for Lena and her girls, and for Mrs. Moum.
- Pray for the coming C&MA Field Forum, July 9-14, at Kampong Sorm Province.  Our guest speaker is Rev. Sunder Krishnan, Senior Pastor at Rexdale Alliance Church, Toronto, Canada.
- Pray National KEC Youth Conference, August 12-15, at Thmar Koul Center, in Battambang Province.  We are expecting about 600 youth will attend the conference.
- Pray for a united spirit among the National youth committees.  Pray that these youth leaders would see clear vision for the youth ministry.

Soeuth and Syna Lao