Thursday, July 7, 2016

July Update 2016

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Nyack, New York!  We have landed and are now settled down in our new apartment in Nyack!  Things went as smoothly as can be with our traveling from place to place.

For the past two weeks, it has been a whirlwind of moving stuffs from the storage place to our apartment, doing grocery shopping, getting this new apartment into a live-able one, processing and reapplying for documents and among other paper works in order to re-establish our statuses as residents, and registering Jonathan into the Nyack public school system.  It was a bit a challenge, at first, trying to do these things without the help of vehicle. But God has been good to us!  He sent godly people to help us in every way including care packages and gift cards!  And we’d moved into an apartment that was completely furnished! We are very grateful for friends who drove us to and from airports, and who were willing to lend us their vehicles until we got one of our own.  YES, we got a car!!!!  The Metropolitan District graciously loans us a brand new (almost) car for the year! It’s a NISSAN, Sentra 2016!  PTL!!!

Our greatest joy is having both our sons with us this summer!  Justin came to join the family on June 23rd, a perfect timing when a BIG muscle was needed to help carry heavy boxes from the storage place!  June 24th, Justin passed a learning permit and is learning how to drive with Soeuth!  His road test is schedule for August 9.  Justin’s greatest desire and prayer is to have a New York driver license as his own identification when traveling back to Crown College by mid August.  He is also grateful to have a good summer job doing yard works at Living Christ Church.

For the last two Sundays, we’ve been enjoying worshipping God, in ENGLISH, with our home church, the Living Christ of the C&MA!  And this week, we’d enjoyed a warm fellowship of a church family picnic by the Hudson River and then to watch the spectacular display of fireworks on Independence Day!  The last time we’d seen fireworks was in July 2012!
For the coming year, we will be visiting and speaking at Alliance churches in the Metropolitan District.  We look forward to see some of you again really soon.  Thank you for all you prayers and support.

Please pray for safe traveling as we’ll be traveling to Florida, July 10-15 for a Cambodian District Conference, and July 20-25 for HAMS at Colorado Springs.

Syna & Soeuth Lao
12 South Blvd, Apt. S                                                                                                              
Nyack, NY 10960                                                                                                                        

Phone (Soeuth’s): 845-518-9466                                                                                        
(Syna’s): 720-799-5070