Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Update 2017

Dear Praying Friend,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name! Spring is finally here at last! Hope you get a chance to go outside and enjoy the beautiful creation that God made.

Here are the latest updates…

Ministries:  The annual Khmer Evangelical Church (KEC) national youth camp, April 7-9, that we asked you to pray for, went by very well! According to the information we received from the youth committee, 555 young people from across Cambodia came to participate in this exciting annual event! Everyone had a great time, and no major incident took place. Praise God!!!!

The Alliance national KEC leaders are already in the long process of nominating potential church leaders who will step forward to take up the roles for men, women, youth, and children ministries. Upon returning to Cambodia, part of our responsibilities will be the point persons for the KEC national youth ministry and national children ministry.  Please join us in prayers that God would raise godly men and women for these roles.

A number of church people along with some key church leaders from Poipet are suffering with various kinds of on-going sicknesses. Since most of our medical International Workers (IWs) are at the States side for home assignment this year, the usual weekly free -of- charge Wednesday clinic is being postponed until the IWs return. Many poor Cambodian people could not afford for proper medical treatments at local private clinics. Pray for God’s protection and for His healing touch upon these poor families…

Family: On April 21, we received shocking news that Soeuth’s brother, Pol, aged 52 years old, died of medical complications while seeking treatments in Thailand. The family had to make quick and expensive arrangements in order to transport the body back to Cambodia. Because of his family religious background, a Buddhist funeral was immediately arranged. As far as we know, Pol was not a believer. Yet, even just days before he passed away, Pol had heard us sharing with him, many times, through phone calls, urging him to turn to Jesus… Only God knows what really took place during the last minutes of Pol’s life. Of the family members attending the funeral, Soeuth’s 78-year- old mother was the only believer in there! Pol had a wife, two adult children and a 2-year-old grandson! It is hard for all of us, but more so for Soeuth, being far away from our loved ones during this time of loss…

This week also, we received more shocking news concerning Syna’s brother, Phaly, aged 46, a devoted husband and father of five children. After four long months of fighting an on-going sickness, a recent oncologist report confirmed that Phaly has liver cancer! More tests are being done as Phaly waits for a surgery. The latest report says that no cancer cells are found in his bones or limp nodes! Phaly is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and so are his wife and their five children. Please pray for peace as we wait on God in the midst of storms…

As we wait for answers, we could not help but wonder what God has in store for us when we return to Cambodia in July and move to a new location starting new ministries. We could only imagine that God must have something great awaiting for us in Anlong Veng. Perhaps that is the reason why the Enemy is trying hard to discourage us and to rob our joy…

Prayer Requests: In addition to previous prayer requests (from March’ news), please also add…

1. We still have a few more weekends remained for spring tours, even though our minds are already beginning to check- out as we mentally getting ready our return to Cambodia… Pray that we will finish well and finish it strong.

2. Pray for peace in the midst of family crisis…

3. Pray that God will use Pol’s dead as a wakeup call to our unsaved relatives.
We appreciate your faith prayers and partnership with and in the Cambodian ministries. We are grateful for your faithful and generous giving to the Great Commission Fund (GCF).  For those who are interested but are not aware of how the financial aspects work, please refer to the information below.

To financially support for Soeuth & Syna Lao, please make a check payable to The Christian & Missionary Alliance, 8595 Explorer Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.  On the memo, specifically designate your donation (s) to:

1. Support the Lao family in GCF.  This fund is what kept us in the field to pay for our rents, transportations, facilities, medical benefits, and other living expenses.
2. Lao’s Work Special: This fund allows us the freedom to use where specific ministry needs are.
3. Lao’s Personal Gift/ Outfit:  This fund is given to us as birthday or Christmas gifts, for personal outfits, for personal traveling expense, and for other personal needs.
4. Anlong Veng Ministry Center (1-47200-46-64-01030):  This fund will be used to purchase a property for the ministry center in Anlong Veng, Cambodia.

To give online, please visit: and follow instructions above.

Please share with us what God is doing in your life.

In Him,
Soeuth & Syna Lao