Sunday, September 23, 2018

September Update 2018

Dear praying friends and family,

Greetings from Anlong Veng, Cambodia! We trust and pray that all is well with you.
God continues to move and stir hearts among new believers in a mighty way! As the result, more people are coming to Christ every week! Here are some more exciting ministry stories…

A New Church Started!

A new believer reading God's words
Earlier this week, we received numerous phone calls from people that we never met before! They persistently pleaded that we must visit their village at Srae Krasang, because “There are 28 of us. And we invited into our hearts! He is our New Lord Jesus and Savior! Please come and teach us God’s words!” Since this village is on the roads to our regular village class at Srae Kandal, we stopped by, on Wednesday afternoon, at one of the families living along the main road. Upon arriving there, we learned the full story behind their conversion. Earlier in May, some distant relatives of Soeuth went to visit family members in Srae Krasang village. They went there again in late August.

Soeuth praying for 28 new believers at Srae Krasang village
Soeuth preaching evangelism message to 28 new believers
While visiting their family the second time, Soeuth’s relatives began to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to other family members and friends. As a result, 28 new lives were added to the Book of Life! Before these relatives left and returned to their home in the capital city, they (the relatives) gave specific instructions including our phone numbers saying, “You must go contact Soeuth and Syna immediately and ask them to help."Among the 28 new believers were an elderly couple, a husband and wife, both of whom were former witch doctors! As he was pondering about the wonderful message of the One True God, “Something strange just stirred inside my heart!” said the husband and then added, “I must know more about this new God!” After asking Soeuth’s relatives many more questions and after they were satisfied with the answers, this elderly man and his wife invited the Lord Jesus as their Savior! And in front of many onlookers, this couple cut off all their spirit strings, and they even had all their shrines and worship items removed and destroyed and burned!

This husband-wife couple, former witch doctors, are among the 28 new -born children of the One True God!!!!

When we visited them recently, we asked if they need anything.  Experience taught us to ask people questions, up front and in advance, as to reasons why they would choose to follow Jesus. Because of poverty and various needs, some people may view Christianity as an opportunity to gain material things. So, when we asked the elderly couple if they need anything, the man simply responded, “If you could just give me a Bible and a pair of reading glasses that would be enough for me. I want to read and learn more about my new God!” Since we already had both items in the car, we willingly and gladly granted him his most desired request. This past Sunday afternoon (Sept. 16), because of their persistent pleas, we had to cancel one church service at Toul Prich in order to help new believers start a church service at Srae Krasang. 

For your awareness: since there are just two of us, we typically go to three-village church services, one village after another, every Sunday. We normally leave the house around 7:30am on a Sunday and return home around 8:30 pm. Needless to say that we NEED help! Please continue to pray that God would send us extra helping hands.

Andoung Chan’s Share & Prayer Time…

Syna teaching Abundant Life class at Andong Chan village
This week at Andoung Chan weekly discipleship classes, people could hardly wait to take turns sharing what God was doing in their midst. Here are a few examples… 

- Mr. Kong shared: Last week, Mr. Kong and his wife were visiting their oldest daughter’s future in-laws at Kampong Cham province; and when opportunities came Kong shared the Good News with everyone.  As the result, seven family members gave their lives to Jesus! After the family had prayed to receive Christ, the mother of that family said that she had a lump, a tumor, in her lower abdomen, for almost ten years. The tumor was the size of a large grapefruit! She asked if Kong and his wife would pray for her. They did. Afterward, he introduced the family to a local church and encouraged them to attend church regularly. The next day, while Kong and his wife were traveling home, the family, who are now new believers, called and excitedly reported that, “The lump is about 95% smaller! It is Amazing! Can you come back again and pray more for me?” Kong assured her that it was the Lord Jesus who healed her, and he encouraged her to keep believing in God.

- Not wanting to miss his chance, Pastor Dy shouted, “God is at it again this week! A voodoo witch doctor gave his life to Preah yea-sue (Jesus) yesterday at church!”

- Mr. Raa came to class with two elderly men, each sitting beside him. Grinning from ear to ear, Raa, after greeting the class, began to apologize to Syna saying, “Sorry, teacher, for missing your class last week. I was busy sharing the Good News to these gentlemen that I forgot to look at the time. These men are now children of God! They invited Jesus into their hearts last week!”

- Moun thanked the class for praying for his mother’s chronic leg pains. “She is much better and is able to walk again, on her own!” (See Moun’s story in our May update).

We give praises to God for revealing Himself, continuously and in a mighty way, especially to new and young believers. It is very encouraging to see young believers taking God’s words seriously and applying everything they learned to their daily lives.

Isaiah’s Passion…

We met Isaiah a few months ago through our weekly traveling to Andoung Chan village ministries. Aged 26, Isaiah, a newly Bible college graduate, returned home to live with his older sister and her family at Toul Krasang village, not sure of what to do in life. Since Soeuth was already teaching a leadership class, Pentateuch Book I, we invited Isaiah to come and join in the class as well.

Through weekly interactions, we learned that Isaiah is passionate about working with and teaching children and has a deep desire to give little children every opportunity that life can offer. The youngest of ten children, Isaiah was orphan since he was 6 months old! He and his nine older siblings had lived in an orphanage for a few years. After leaving the orphanage, his older siblings raised him and provided basic care to Isaiah to the best of their abilities, but they did not understand that Isaiah’s greatest need was the actual love and affection from which only a caring and loving mother or father could provide. As a result, Isaiah grew up always longing and hungry for parental love and affection, a constant void that was never fulfilled, until meeting Jesus!

Isaiah reading Scripture at a recent funeral service at Kampong Klang floating village
With constant and on-going encouragement and support, last month, Isaiah started children ministry at his own village! He is teaching an after- school literacy program and English to school aged kids every Tuesday to Friday, children Sunday school class, and adult church service on Sundays. Also, on Mondays he travels with us to weekly class at Andoung Chan village. It is a joy to be able to take Isaiah under our wings training, equipping, and mentoring him to be spiritual leader in his community. Please pray for Isaiah.

Children ministry at Toul Krasang village
Isaiah leading children ministry at Toul Krasang village
Timon & Sokhary’s Soccer Ministry... 

Timon and soccer ministry Living Water Alliance church in Poipet
Due to internal conflicts and lack of interest from among some leaders, Poipet soccer ministry was put on hold for a while. But, every day the community kids were still wandering about the church ground looking for something to do and for an opportunity to play. Through our bimonthly visits to the Poipet, we also noticed that change and brought the topic to the class discussions. Recently, feeling convicted by what they’d learned, Timon, with Sokhary fully supported. The young couple has recently resumed the Poipet soccer ministry, where they have about 20-30 kids come to play soccer at every afternoon!

Timon and Sokhary serving as soccer coaches at Living Water Alliance church in Poipet

Pheap & Laalynn’s Journey…

Pheap (husband) and Lalynn had always been very passionate serving God through children and general church ministries. Sadly in June 2014, their first born child was killed in a car accident (see their full story in our June 2014’s blog). Since then, though they still love God dearly, their passion began to cool down. A few years down the road, God blessed them with two more beautiful babies, while they continue dutifully serving Him. About a year ago, another accident happened that nearly claimed the life of their second child! This incident was a wake-up call for them.

Soeuth and church leaders at Poipet
 Now, they are back on the right track! We can clearly see that true joy and passion have fully returned! Pheap and Lalynn come to our bimonthly leadership class in Poipet.

Bimonthly leadership class in Poipet
Pheap is a KEC pastor to Andoung Thmar Meas Alliance church in Poipet, and Lalynn serves as the northwest region director for children ministry. It is a joy for Syna to be able to work closely with Lalynn, again, in children ministry. In addition to serving in Andoung Thmar Meas, the young couple also reaches out to helping distant KEC churches in Malay District and to Markhoern village. Please pray for protection as this young family travel weekly on a motorbike for village ministries.

Sunday school teacher training seminar at Svey
Dates and events needing prayers…

- Sept 22: Next Poipet bimonthly class.
- Quarterly regional KEC youth rally at Living Water Alliance church, Poipet.
- Sept. 29: National youth committee quarterly meeting in Phnom Penh.
- Oct 6: Northwest regional youth committee meeting in Svey, and Sunday school teacher training       seminar in Siem Reap Province.
- Oct. 15: Youth rally at Srae Em village, in Preah Vihear Province.

Please share with us what God is doing in your life. As always, we are very grateful to God for your on-going prayers and support. Your generous giving to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) enables us to keep serving in this part of the world, pushing the darkness, bring the Light and Hope of Jesus to lost and hopeless souls. Thank you for your partnership with us in the Cambodian growing ministries.


Soeuth & Syna