Monday, March 11, 2019

March Update 2019

Dear Friends and Family,


We were in Hawaii, Feb. 23-March 11, speaking at two Alliance mission conferences! In between speaking, we also had some down time where generous church families graciously took turns showing us around some of the most beautiful sites in Honolulu! We feel so blessed and loved.

And while here, we received the greatest news and blessing of all, the birth of our first grandchild! After more than 20 hours of painful labor, a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Jesse Dominik Lao, was born to proud parents Justin and Katie on March 6 at 7:51am weighing 8.10 pounds! Both mom and baby are healthy and strong. For now, we could only treasure and love our grandson from a distant through pictures and videos…

Our first born, Justin, holding his first born child
After 20+ hours of labor, Katie lovingly holds her first born son
The few weeks before Hawaii trip were intense, busy times for us back in Anlong Veng…

- February 8, Soeuth had the honor and privilege of marrying and officiating an Alliance MK who grew up in Poipet and married another MK! We have known the bride’s family more than twenty years. It is a joy to see children of International Workers choose to follow their parents’ footstep in marriage and in ministries.

Two MKs (missionary kid) got married in the country they grew up in
- Soeuth attended and spoke at an Alliance men prayer retreat in Thma Koul Eden Center, February 14-15 where more than 300 men attended. Immediately after speaking, Soeuth drove six hours back to Anlong Veng to be on time to receive an Alliance film crew, February 16-21. The timing was perfect for the team to see and to participate in a baptismal service.

300+ Alliance men attended annual prayer retreat at Eden Center
- On February 18, village house churches of Anlong Veng ministries had a joint baptismal service, at Andong Chan village. We were expecting more people, but due to lack of transportation, one village could not join the event. As the result only about 120 people attended the service and among them, 45 people got baptized.

120 villagers participated in worship service before baptism

Pastor Dy prayed before baptism

People lined up to be baptized
45 new believers got baptized at Andong Chang village
As soon as we get back to Cambodia, March 13, we will be on the road again to attend our field annual prayer retreat on March 14-15 for International Workers in Phnom Penh. After the retreat, we will return to Anlong Veng to host a short-term team of six from the Kailua Bible (Alliance) Church, Honolulu, HI. This will be the team’s first time to Cambodia!

Dates and event needing your prayers…

- Kailua team visiting Anlong Veng, March 16-24.
- Soeuth will perform a wedding, the first Christian wedding at Andong Chan village, March 21.
- Jonathan returns home for spring break, March 30- April 7.
- National Alliance adult conference in Phnom Penh, April 1-3.
- National Alliance youth conference in Thma Koul Eden center, April 5-7
- Khmer New Year, April 15-17

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We appreciate your partnership in the growing Cambodian church ministries. Please share with us what God is doing in your midst.

Soeuth & Syna